Brainwashing First in Britain

                                                                          1st December 17

Sadly folks, we live in a world where people believe and repeat what they hear from sources other than their own minds. They don't think things through anymore. If the media says it often enough, it's taken as true.

Take for example the farce this week that dominated the British news about Donald Trump's retweets of Britain First's Tweets. This and other things he's said have labelled him a racist and a bigot. Britain First is labelled as a hate group, not because people have listened to what they say, but because they have listened to what the tabloid newspapers and the BBC say.

What's Donald Trump's problem? Basically, he only ever says that he wants to target ILLEGAL immigrants who are enjoying the fruits of the American Dream usually at the expense of others in the US.

What is Britain First's problem? They protest against the claims by Muslims that they will take over this country (UK) and will fly their Muslim flags above Buckingham Palace, No. 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament. Last week, Jayda Franson said that our parents and grandparents gave their lives in two world wars so that Muslims could enjoy the freedom to proceed with their aspirations to take over this great nation.

Here in the UK, we don't have the First Amendment, so we can't say what we like either on Facebook or anywhere else. Nevertheless, Muslims DO seem to enjoy the right of free speech when they can hold their rallies in London and Luton, with impunity.

Quite frankly, most people don't seem to know what racism is because as I said earlier, they don't think it through. When somebody makes a blanket statement such as: "Donald Trump is a racist bigot," try asking them, "Why do you say that?" I guarantee that their first word will be "WELL". The word 'well' buys them time until they think of a response, or make one up.

To follow on from the post above this, the question, do we know what racism is, comes to mind. Well, do we? If you think the aspirations of Donald Trump and Britain First constitute racism, you've been paying too much attention to the media whose intent is to brainwash and control us all. The following story IS racism, and it's NOT from the Sun, BBC or Daily Mail, it's a personal account by Patricia Raybon who is a journalist, teacher and award-winning author:

"I didn't mean to grow up bitter. I was a good girl as a child. I obeyed my parents. I respected my Sunday School teachers and worked hard at school, aiming for excellence and trying to do my best. But some people treated me without love because of my skin colour. Calling me names. Making fun of me. Turning me away. Closing their doors. In one school one teacher refused to call on me in class for an entire year. She called me "Nobody" - making it clear how little she thought of me. Laws in my county stopped me from using certain public water fountains, toilets, restaurants or living in certain areas.

In no time at all, I grew bitter. I knew Jesus then, but I also knew hurt. Hurt fertilises bitterness, making it grow like a weed. Indeed, bitterness is like a root that sinks deep into the soil of our hearts and spirit. When watered with resentment and anger, it springs up and causes trouble, defiling many around it. Everyone around me hated people. I learned hate from them. I taught hate to others. What a tragic outcome that bitterness multiplies like a bad seed, sprouting yet more ugly wrongs.

But what about God? While I loved the Lord and believed He loved me, my bitterness was a wall of sin, separating me from Him. As I grew, that separation grew. Bitterness became a nagging, sour, hateful habit. I'd forgotten the Bible's call to strive for peace with everyone and for holiness without which no one will see the Lord. Instead, I was obsessed with racial hatred, always looking for it in others. Not to root it out or to ask God to end it, but to lay blame.

How do we rid ourselves of this bitterness? Finally turning to God for help. He mercifully revealed three ways:
Take our bitterness to Him, ask Him to teach us and rely on the Holy Spirit's great power.

True, my 'soil' always needs weeding, but I know the gardener. May His love keep turning my bitter sin into a harvest of grace and light."

This story comes from Our Daily Bread. NB, if you usually receive this publication free in the mail, send them a donation at Christmas because this organisation is unique in that it NEVER asks for money nor does it send out begging letters. Nevertheless, it survives only on donations.

30th Nov 17

Trump's Retweets

This is by far the biggest story in the UK news today (and yesterday and tomorrow and the day after etc.). Kim Jong-un's desire to destroy us and much of the world is mentioned only in passing. Do we still have what has for many decades been called a special relationship with America now? I very much doubt that. It's not Thatcher and Regan any longer. Currently, there's a petition being distributed in an attempt to have President Trump's invitation to this country withdrawn. 
Yesterday, a Labour politician suggested that were Trump to arrive on British soil, he should be immediately arrested. Doesn't that IDIOT realise that such a course of action would be a declaration of war between our two nations? Would that make life better for us here? 
If we listen to the phone in shows on BBC Radio, we'll only hear from those who condemn President Trump. That might be because those of opposing views wouldn't dare call up for fear of being berated by all ensuing callers and the BBC presenters, because make no mistake, the BBC's views on this are crystal clear. 
OK, I'll admit that president Trump is brash and doesn't always think before he acts, but he's even more American than blueberry pie. It would be folly for us to expect him to flaunt a typically British stiff upper lip. And as for Theresa May, she only ever says what she's expected to say. Had she not responded to Trump's tweets the way she did (......"It was wrong for him to do this."), she would have been in the firing line as much as he is. Don't let anyone get the wrong idea, she's is no more popular here than Trump is. She might just as well be a puppet on the end of somebody else's strings.

Just heard on the radio that Trump won't lose a wink of sleep over this. He's got far more important things to deal with.

                                                                   30th November 2017
While the UK is considering banning Trump from its shores, North Korea is making progress. Without America on side, can we defeat this? It's not WW2 any more, can we really stand alone again?
                                                       29th Nov 17
Whatever you do, DO NOT CRITICISE SHARIA LAW, otherwise, you'll be labelled a far right supporter.
The Prime Minister Theresa 'Sharia' May has condemned Donald Trump for his actions, despite the fact she is presiding over the implementation of Islamic blasphemy laws here in the UK.
The Wall
23 March 17

I've been at a meeting just now where, a) I was the only bloke (guy in US English) and Donald Trump's wall was being discussed. Because I was the only bloke, and because my views differ enormously from those being submitted by others, I did the right thing and endorsed the fact that one learns a lot more from the use of one's ears and eyes than one learns from the use of one's mouth. In other words (as we say in Yorkshire), I kept my big gob shut. But on here, as this is my personal blog space, I can say virtually whatever I like, so I will.

Basically, I agree with Donald Trump's wall, in fact, there are only two choices available to us: either we have a wall, or we have totally free access to our countries by anyone who wishes to enter them. 

We already have a huge wall surrounding the United Kingdom. It's called the sea - comprising, the English Channel, the North Sea, the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It works to a point. It kept the Nazis out in World War 2. Unlike France, Holland, Belgium, Poland and several other European nations, Great Britain was not invaded and subsequently occupied by the Nazis. No, although we had slight food shortages and rationing, that was far better than having to dig tulip bulbs out of the fields and eat them, like they did in Holland. We didn't have to duck and dive in our own country because a nazi patrol was approaching. We didn't have to step aside and walk in the gutter when Nazi officers walked by on the pavement (sidewalk). We didn't have Nazis building concentration camps in our country to be used for our persecution. Why not? Because we had the wall. 

Now to modern times - refugees and others can come from the middle east, all the way across Europe and reach Calais in northern France, but they can't manage that final 20 miles to get to the UK. Why, because we have the wall. 

So, we had a terrorist attack in London yesterday. It's universally alarming because it's so rare now. When I lived in London in the 1970s and had to go into central London every day to work, we had 3 IRA bombings each and every day. They were so common, that they ceased to spark the outrage that yesterday's incident did. It was a case of, "Another bomb went off in Central London this morning." Then on to the next news item.

One of the masterminds of those bombings and many other forms of murder was the guy whose funeral is today (which Bill Clinton is attending......WHY?), that of Martin McGuinness. Many deaths are down to him and what retribution did he face for it? None at all. He was commended for being part of Tony Blair's 'Good Friday Agreement' which led to the peace process. This is tantamount to me going around towns and cities shooting everyone I see, then handing my Kalashnikov over to Tony Blair and saying, "I quit now". Then I become a politician, get into Government and become Deputy First Minister. Isn't that wonderful? 

Donald Trump

Whining about kept promises
January 30th, 2017

I've had enough of this on the radio and TV today. Why is everyone so shocked at the developments during the past few days? Trump has been saying what he was going to do for the past year. He was voted in on that manifesto, he kept his word, now everybody is in shock as if this had just been pulled out of the blue. 

People will not realize that it's the silent majority that wields the power in this world, not that bunch that is protesting in Whitehall this evening, not that million plus that has signed a petition to get Trump's invitation to this country reversed. No, they're the noisy minority, but because only they are making a noise, they create the impression that they are representative of most of us. 

As for reversing the invitation, shouldn't the Queen have a say in this? She is her own person with her own free thinking mind. She's not a puppet on somebody else's strings. I'll bet nobody has asked her. So, a million have signed the petition, that means about 64 million have yet to sign it. If they do that, so will I.

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